Sunday, 30 June 2013

lace maxi skirt

uni outfit

this is the outfit i wore for a night out with some friends. my dress is from primark, shoe- primark, lipstick- riri woo necklace- asos

Saturday, 11 August 2012

South Africa's Oscar Pistorius follows list of 'disabled' athletes who've thrived

South Africa's Oscar Pistorius follows list of 'disabled' athletes who've thrived


hi guys, just decided to show you guys an outfit of the night picture. this was the outfit i wore for the beffta awards in london. write what you think and let me know....stay fierce..


hello everyone, i just wana share with you guys what i think about our dress sense, for me i believe we do not have to dress like a whore before we can look good or attractive, trust me guys love it when we ladies expose our body because they obviously derive pleasure from looking at it but after asking some male friends. Basically,.i was told that  guys like girls that dress indecent but they do not appreciate them and in my opinion i believe no guy will obviously want to have anything serious with a girl that has finished exposing all her assets to the world to see and i believe that in everything we do, we should always remember the future and we should not think about the present alone because the way we live our present can define our future and finally i hope you guys don't misunderstand the message am trying to pass. :)


you are beautiful the way you are, do not ever allow anyone tell you otherwise because you have to love who you are before you can believe in yourself and achieve what you want to achieve. so stay strong, believe and you shall get to wherever you want to be someday and have in mind that even the superstars and role models you see out there did not make it  in a day neither was it in a week, so be patient and your time shall come. i hope am able to help some people out there who were about giving up on their dreams.